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I’m Ravae and Birth Connections doulas are passionate about creating a holistic birthing journey for expectant parents. We believe that parents can craft the path of their birth experiences and we are happy to help you.  Add us to your birthing team and we will support you every step of the way.

Doula & Birth Support

Birth doulas provide informational, physical, emotional and relational support to pregnant and birthing people throughout the journey.  The continuous support and advocacy of a birth doula can help you create safety, ease of mind, and joy on your birthing day.

My Role In Your Journey

Located in Atlanta metro, Washington D.C. metro & North Dallas, Birth Connections provides comprehensive & evidence-based guidance and education to birthing people and their families as you enter the next season of your life.

Our doulas specialize in services for parents who are looking to build a team of support.  We provide comprehensive care that covers nutrition, mental health, physical care, child birth education preparation, and postpartum care. We are with you during pregnancy, birth and at home with your baby.

Holistic Services

Private & Group Classes

Monthly classes are available to prepare you for your journey. Childbirth Education, Comfort Measures & Breastfeeding Basics are a few options for you.

Labor Support

Childbirth is a transformation that deserves support and guidance.We will help you identify your options and create a plan that is useful for your birth team.

PostPartum Care

Transitioning to parenthood is life changing.  We will help you make a plan and build a postpartum plan that will support a thriving, joyful and prosperous family unit.

Lactation Support

Feeding your baby is a basic necessity. Let’s explore the best way you can love & nurture your new baby.  Support is available right at your fingertips.


Placenta Encapsulation

Encapsulating your placenta can help restore hormonal balance and vitamins to a postpartum birthing person. Placenta capsules and tinctures can help create balance.

Creating Memorable Journeys

Happy Family #1

Look no further – working with Ravae is the best decision you’ll make. Ravae was a highlight of my entire birth experience. I tell anyone who will listen that we don’t know what we (my husband and I) would have done without her. As this was my first child, I didn’t know what to expect in labor, and she made me feel calm and prepared from our first meeting, through every contraction, all the way to birth. She felt like family by the end. We hope Ravae will be part of all future births as we look to expand our family 🙂  

-Taylor Tilley, Executive & Career Coach 

Happy Family #2

I was impressed with how quickly the Birth Connections team pivoted to adjust our plan to the COVID pandemic. With COVID affecting folks availability, Ravae kept lines of communication with her team open so that I was sure to have someone available in-person who I was comfortable with. Ravae and Brandi provided crucial empathetic and non-judgmental support for the first few weeks postpartum as we adjusted to having a newborn during a pandemic. We leaned on Brandi’s postpartum expertise via phone consult for everything from baby scheduling reminders to sibling support and breastfeeding advice. Choosing Birth Connections means you have multiple experienced people on your side, with amazing women contributing their specific areas of strength and expertise. Once again, the Birth Connections team pulled through for our family and made a whirlwind birth experience into something positive and empowering. 

-Claire Battle, D.C. Public School Teacher

Happy Family #3

Ravae was my doula when I delivered my first baby in April 2021. The entire experience was warm and welcoming. Ravae prepared me for pregnancy and labor. She was always available whenever I had questions. I truly appreciated the care she showed me during my pregnancy and delivery. I highly recommend Ravae.

-Hadassah St. Hubert Ph.D., Historian

Happy Family #4

It’s not an overstatement to say that Ravae came into our lives at the most stressful and harrowing moment we had ever experienced as a family. We hired Ravae as our postpartum doula, something we didn’t know we needed until my wife ended up in the ICU after the birth of our second child.  Her calm demeanor, experience, and professionalism carried us through this time. With less than 24 hours notice, Ravae moved into our home, providing care and support for myself and the baby, while I ran back and forth between the hospital and home. When my wife was able to leave the ICU, Ravae was there at the hospital, helping baby and mom reunite, supporting mom’s wellness, and acting as a patient advocate– helping us navigate the healthcare system. When we were finally home together, Ravae led mom and baby to successfully reestablish exclusive breastfeeding 3 weeks after the birth, which had been compromised by their 3 days of hospital separation. As I sit down to write this, with our family home and healthy and our baby now  8 months and thriving, I confess I just don’t have words to express what Ravae means to us. “Hero” is a word that rarely is merited, but it’s appropriate here. We are so grateful that she came into our lives when she did. She will forever be a part of our family’s story. 

-Sam & Korin, Atlanta family

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