Hoobler Family, Arlington, VA


I’m so glad we we chose Ravae as our doula! After a difficult labor with my first child, my husband and I knew that we needed some help with our second labor. The difference was night and day. We had some health concerns during the pregnancy, and Ravae was available and offered helpful suggestions and resources via email. In the lead-up to my labor, she was in near constant contact with me and my husband as we were giving her updates and she offered words of encouragement. Having Ravae present during my labor made such a huge difference. Her reminders and coaching helped us have the delivery we really wanted. Being able to labor at home for a long time and avoid so many medical interventions made a positive impact in my recovery. Her attitude is amazing. If we have a third child (haha) Ravae will be the first person we call ūüôā


The Kum Family,  Virginia

When my husband and I found out that we were expecting a set of twins for our first pregnancy experience, we wanted to ensure that we receive the proper guidance from end-to-end. Therefore, we went on an extensive search to team up with a doula that will give us the personal touch that we needed. We searched countless doula databases, and consulted with numerous doula professionals, however Ravae won our hearts right from the beginning. Out of everyone we interviewed, she was the most personable and genuine.

Throughout the entire pregnancy, Ravae was there with us along the way. She was very responsive, and was there every time that we needed her. There were couple instances where I had to be hospitalized amid the pregnancy, and Ravae was by our side throughout each one of those episodes. She would even stop by the store on of her own free will to acquire a few essentials that I needed in the hospital. Unfortunately, we were affiliated with an OBGYN practice that we often disagreed with. Essentially it felt like a “our way or the highway” type of relationship. However, with Ravae’s law background we could successfully navigate through those types of ambiguities.

Ravae has become more than just our Doula, she’s become a part of our family. I highly doubt that there is any other doula out there that is more knowledgeable than her. Her Doula certifications, plus law degree, plus masseuse experience, and all her amazing attributes makes her unmatched We highly recommend her and would certainly hire her again!!


Amina Denboba Family, VA

I have had an excellent experience working with Birth Connections, particularly engaging with Ravae. During the birth of my first child, having my doula (Ravae) was a deal breaker for me and I am forever grateful for her service which was done with huge care and professionalism. For the birth of my second child, Ravae had relocated to another city, however, she was very responsive to my request, made sure to connect me with doula in my city of birth and even followed through my second experience. It really means a lot to navigate the whole birth process with a knowledgeable doula to take well informed decisions along the way and ensure smooth delivery. I highly highly recommend Birth Connections for any mother to be. 


Avemaria’s Family, Washington, D.C.

Ravae was referred to me by my boss, who used Ravae twice. I had experienced a devastating miscarriage and was filled with ANXIETY! I kept putting off meeting with Ravae until I got further along in the pregnancy. From what I knew, doulas were birth coaches exclusively. I couldn’t think about delivery when i was so concerned about fetal viability. Ravae explained to me that many people get a doula because of previous losses, so I engaged her early on in my pregnancy. I’m so glad that I did! I got lots of personalized support and information. Ravae is so personable that you feel like you’ve known her forever. She’s very open-minded. I’m a single mother, with an unconventional paternal situation. She took everything in stride.

So, while i had a completely uneventful, geriatric, high risk pregnancy, nothing about my delivery went as planned. I had to be induced earlier than the scheduled induction that we planned. Ravae was unavailable on that day. I had been prepped with an introduction to Ravae’s back-up doula(s). My induction failed over the course of 2 days, so much of that time was just waiting. I met both of Ravae’s back up doulas & they were great ladies. Ravae was with me right up until delivery, which unfortunately ended up being a c-section. Ravae explained medical terms and scenarios with me, discussed options and implications, but let me make my own decisions. She provided the exact support that I needed, when I needed it. She even supplied the extra, unexpected touches like bringing breakfast and coffee for Daddies.

Ravae came to my home and visited after baby and i were home for about a week. She is the person that noticed my son’s tongue tie. None of the doctors ever mentioned it! Again, she gave me information that I used to make my decision, which was to clip the tie.

In short, I can’t say enough positive things about Ravae! I got the top tier package & it was worth EVERY PENNY!

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