“Ravae was so calm, gentle, and competent. She coached and guided me into different positions and applied pressure on my hips so expertly it would take my pain level down from what felt like a 10 to a bearable 6 or 7 during the most intense part of the contractions. I’m also really glad she was there because no one was expecting labor to go THAT fast and I am pretty sure we wouldn’t even have gotten a midwife in the room on time had it not been for Ravae really listening to me and tuning into the fact that things were moving quickly and I was almost ready to push!
Ravae also showed so much kindness and compassion, checking in with us often when my son unexpectedly ended up in NICU. With no family in the area, it was just very comforting for my husband and me to have her for that additional emotional support.”

Birth Connections