“My pregnancy was filled with complications – placenta previa, bleeding, pulmonary embolism, symphysis pubis dysfunction, depression- and I NEEDED HELP!
Ravae stepped in during the 3rd trimester and brought such a sense of calm. She was so professional, patient, and flexible with us. She came to our home for personal prenatal courses; walking us through our birthing options, a birthing plan, the labor process, labor strategies, and postpartum support.
Her spirit is so warm and beautiful. I was able to lean into her COMPLETELY during the labor process. I don’t remember much of the labor, because I allowed myself to only focus on my breathing and getting through. I blacked everything else out because I knew Ravae was there and could take care of it. I remember her holding me, and protecting me, and coaching me through every minute. Her work is selfless and all-consuming.”

Birth Connections