“When my husband and I found out that we were expecting a set of twins for our first pregnancy experience, we wanted to ensure that we receive the proper guidance from end-to-end. Ravae won our hearts right from the beginning. Out of everyone we interviewed, she was the most personable and genuine.
Throughout the entire pregnancy, Ravae was there with us along the way. She was very responsive and was there every time that we needed her. There were couple of instances where I had to be hospitalized amid the pregnancy, and Ravae was by our side throughout each one of those episodes. She would even stop by the store on of her own free will to acquire a few essentials that I needed in the hospital. Unfortunately, we were affiliated with an OBGYN practice that we often disagreed with. Essentially it felt like a “our way or the highway” type of relationship. However, with Ravae’s law background we could successfully navigate through those types of ambiguities.”

Birth Connections